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Things To Do


As summer arrives and when the garden is going wild producing vegetables, we may have extra veggies for sale. We may also have vegetable and flower seedlings in the spring.

After we're finished making hay (Rye in the early spring & Coastal Bermuda grass in the summer), we invite you to stop by and purchase our square or round bales, which are great for horses, goats, gardens, landscaping . . . and of course, hayrides! Because we believe trustworthiness is a divine virtue we all are endowed with, we offer the square bales for sale in the hay shed near the road & farm sign using the honor system. Payment goes in the slot in the door near the flag. Thank you.  


During the fall, in October, we offer hayrides and a pumpkin patch with seasonal picture-taking opportunities at the old rusty farm truck or tractors.


Throughout the year, we invite you to stop by and visit when you find us out and about cutting hay, maintaining the property, tending the garden or the making the farmhouse a welcoming home to greet family, friends and those we don’t know yet. We love meeting our neighbors.


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